Thursday, 21 August 2008

on a roll

Last night I decided it would be quite cool to display the canvases together on some kind of hanging arrangement. I found a bit of wood in the garden that's been there for yonks and had a go at chopping it up, then I sloshed a bit of paint on it, sanded it and attached a bit of twine. An object of true beauty it isn't and if you breathe too hard in the near vicinity all the canvases fall off!! but at least it's a starting point. Will have to pay a visit to the lovely Herr Deck in the DIY store and try and explain in my best German that I need some bendy hooks! I can imagine three canvases in similar colours or a theme.
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Judy said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, Margaret!
Just enjoyed looking through your blog at your fabulous and very original creations!

carole brungar said...

Hi Margaret, I love these, great use of the wood pallet! If it were laying around here, it would've been whipped into the fire as kindling!
Hey I also love the speckled egg canvas. Your work is just lovely!