Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I blame Carole

See, that's all it took http://kiwicarole.blogspot.com/ just a glimpse of the homeland and I'm off on one! Love the colours of the river and the lake Carole, truly NZ
I painted a few strips of old paper with acrylic and pressed them on randomly, then I added my stamp of the moment (I will stop using it on everything soon I promise..) lastly I added a pic of myself with my finger in a river somewhere down South and some Paua shell pieces.
I applied the stamp pad to the canvas, then sprayed it with water, covered it with plastic wrap and dried it with the heat tool, I've discovered the trick is not to peel the plastic off too soon otherwise it takes most of the colour with it.
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carole brungar said...

Yeah right girl! You are just pure natural talent! LOL.
Nice to know I inspired a piece tho, as I reckon it's really delightful! It is lovely and thanks for sharing your process, the gladwrap method sounds interesting.
I've always wanted to try a small canvas, I think you will be my inspiration! Thank you!