Tuesday, 14 October 2008


The lovely Leanne over at http://mixedmediamartyr.blogspot.com/ has tagged me to reveal 7 things about myself and tag another 7, well now, where to start...

1. Being a bit of a lurker I'm hopeless at tagging

2. I'm very tall and so are my children, consequently I know ALL the tall jokes

3. My husband and children are Swiss

4. I love coffee, cheese and red wine, in any order

5. Whilst pregnant with my daughter I told the Doctor my friend was a uterus instead of a Midwife (German very poor at that time...)

6. I love books and all things paper

7. In my leisure life before kids I made dolls and collected more fabric than I can use in a lifetime, it's still under the bed...

1 comment:

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Lovely little secrets! He he he! No chance of goodies from my Mum's or my Mum-in-law's house, they are BO and there is nothing anywhere. Wish I had a great-aunt who lived in a big rambling house by herself with an attic that she says I can rummage and take anything I want!!!