Saturday, 4 October 2008


CONGRATULATIONS PATTY!! you are my mini canvas winner! A big big thank you to everyone who left me a comment, so positive and encouraging, I felt like I was taking part in a kind of Friends Reunited for a moment there as various people resurfaced! wonderful to hear from you again and to make new contacts. Blogland and I will be together for sometime yet, roll on 100!! Thank you all again. Mx
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~*~Patty S said...

Oh Margaret what a thrill, lucky me to win your lovely canvas!!! Yippee Yay, thank you SO very much! oxo

carole brungar said...

Oh darn! guess I'll have to wait for another ummm....40 posts! Get a move on!
Keep creating! ;D Carole

Jan said...

Hi Margaret - have just spent a happy 20 minutes browsing your blog (love the mini canvases)I have returned the compliment and put you on my list!
Incidentally, I am lucky enough to live in England and I couldn't agree with you more about bookshops - One of my most favourite places to be - AND they serve coffee in a lot of them now, so I could stay there all day!