Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I thought I'd give myself an early Xmas present and look what arrived!! Just love these stamps from Catherine Moore http://www.characterconstructions.com/ I can see this won't be the last time I order! they were beautifully packaged in the tissue paper above (which I've used already!) with a postcard for inspiration
Finally I have a Dame stamp! and doesn't she look just fab
Christmas cards here I come! Only downside is I've just discovered I haven't got any stamp cleaner or an acrylic block big enough, ho hum more waiting for stuff to arrive
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Unknown said...

What amazing stamps!!!! The acrylic blocks and cleaner will be worth the wait, although if you are impatient like me, you COULD just stick a stamp to a clear glass plate ( I have a couple around for "someday" when I plan to do some reverse decoupage!) Your castle party looks like something only seen in trendy magazines. Lucky you for getting an invitation- and what a wonderful gift you brought!