Monday, 15 December 2008

51 and counting

Well, we managed to get through the weekend without any more upsets, bit of a surprise really as this virus seems to be taking just about everyone out. Only one more week until school finishes and enough time to get the last card completed. Quite some feeling to have got to the end of this journey.
Patty, I just have to say about the church bells, my mother has visited on a number of occasions over the past 14 years and each time we were living in a different flat but always near a church, quite difficult to avoid in this town. She would always tell me the 'donging' woke her up! The bells ring every quarter hour then on the hour plus for whatever is going on in the town and quite a few daily celebratory rings. I've got used to it now and this flat is quite well insulated! In one apartment we were so close to the church that we'd have to go inside and shut the door when it really got going, couldn't hear each other speak! on the upside, I always know what the time is!
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~*~Patty S said...

LOL on the church bells M! Too much of a good thing perhaps :)! It does amaze me how one can used to certain things over time....the power if the human spirit I guess!

Unknown said...

What a photo tease! What is this beautiful piece of art and did you create it with your fabulous collection of stamps?