Monday, 26 January 2009


On Saturday I thought I'd have at quick look on YouTube for a tutorial about using wax, approx 3 hours later I resurfaced full of bright ideas and not necessarily all of them about wax! Unbelievable what's out there, tutorial after tutorial about everything, which is very handy when you're sitting around wanting to learn but not really knowing where to begin. I haven't got a clue where I ended up but I picked up all sorts of tips about creating backgrounds for journaling and canvases.

This is a 4x4 canvas which I prepped with water colour crayons, washed some water over it and let it run. I then added scraps of paper and fabric with gel medium and a splash of acrylic. The poison apple has nothing whatsoever to do with Marie, I just liked the colour and the writing. The initial is a hideously expensive piece of French lace which I coloured with antique ink.
I added a couple of layers of texture gel, I love the way it takes on the look of an iced cake rather like my earlier mini canvases. I don't know what the white hole in the corner is (a bite perhaps??) funny how you only notice these things when you've photographed them.
In lieu of the beeswax I added a final layer of tinted texture gel which gives it a glossy finish. I really want to have a go with the wax but am lacking one or two essential items, namely the melting pot and the wax!
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carole brungar said...

Gosh I really do like the way everything just comes together for you! Another lovely canvas!

Unknown said...

I have to ask THE stupid question... is your canvas literally a canvas cloth stretched on a wooden frame or is it just a term for "any surface to do art on"? Where do you find canvases that small? I need to try some chunky pieces like you and Patty do. OhMyGosh! I just got hit with a BOLT of inspiration using my son's abandoned building blocks! Dang it! The kids are coming home from school and I have no time for starting anything. I may be creating next to the stove again....heeheehee!

I love your Marie stamp. She is currently all the rage. And you, of course, have all of the great materials at hand (French lace!)

Linda Jo said...

Hideously expensive French lace!!! Nothing is too good for our art is it! I am glad to see you back at the canvases! I have a crockpot from the 70's (it's lovely) full of beeswax....wish I could give you some.

Unknown said...

Oh I love this! I have to try some of that texture medium! I love the look...I have been building up layers of masking tape and then painting over it...It is kind of a cool look too! You will enjoy the totally changes the look of whatever you use it on. you just do it fast!
I havent got my copy of the magazine yet, but I will definitely be showing it off!!!!

~*~Patty S said...

Oh you, you have me itching to melt some beeswax....your canvas turned out beautifully, Love how you add texture and interest to your work. Hope Marie doesn't eat that apple!

Jan said...

I love the way you talk us through the building of texture etc. Great stuff and lovely end result.