Friday, 16 January 2009

A week

I've spent the entire week at home trying to entertain J and distract him from his sore ears, consequently I've done very little art and have very much missed my time. I did however set myself a small challenge which I called 'Upright Art' based on super efficient Nathalie at being able to make art and cook at the same time! The rules were simple: the entire work was to be completed within a combined total of one hour, at no stage was I allowed to sit down and doing extra unscheduled tasks during the piece earnt an extra pat on the back!

I picked up these post labels at the local flea market, just rather hope it's nothing rude
Always good to rely on old faithfuls when time is short
What can you create in an hour??Posted by Picasa


Jan said...

This made me laugh - 'upright art' !! Well done - the results are great.
I have a little box (well it is now a big box) into which I put any odd little bits of receipts, images, scraps of this and that (because we NEVER throw anything away do we?!!) and I keep meaning to set myself a challenge to make as many cards/atcs etc just from this box. One day I'll do it (dont know that I'll stand up for it though!!)

Unknown said...

(I'm giving you a STANDING ovation).

hens teeth said...

Ha ~ Nathalie Thompson ~ funny!

I can't believe your mum's package took four you say, where on earth has it been all this time? An around the world trip by the sounds of it.

Lovely art, great challenge! Love the old ephemera. You have such great style.

Viola said...

Really lovely art, Margaret! As all your work is! :o)

Linda Jo said...

Very nice! I haven't made any upright art yet...maybe soon. ha! I want you to make some more of your little canvases...I really miss seeing those.'s not about me, of course.

~*~Patty S said...

Creating with a timer.....hmmmm....that would be a challenge :) You've done a fantastic job M! That tassel stamp is becoming one of my favs! Love how you've stamped and cut it out! Such a gorgeous piece of art you created Lady! By the way, I stand whenever I create art, my lovely chair in my art room is heaped with STUFF :)

~*~Patty S said...

Hope little J's ears are doing much better now, poor dear and poor nurse ;)