Thursday, 5 February 2009

Emergency measures

Yesterday was siren testing day in Kanton Zürich. Every town has several of these installed on the top of buildings which are designed to alert the community at large of a civil emergency or other impending doom. Depending on where you live they can be incredibly loud (one right next to our house!) and plenty of warning is given before they are tested.
So the kids went off to Omama for the afternoon forewarned and resolving not to divulge their 'secret' allowing them to collapse in fits of laughter when Omama fell off her chair in fright! ah my children, sigh...
While all this was going out I hotfooted it off to my fav shop to exchange a stamp I bought recently but somehow I came home with all this other stuff, how on earth did that happen?? However, if you look closely there are coasters with holes in them and curly wurly bits of wire to make into little books, how exciting is that?!!
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Linda Jo said...

You did good. That is all necessary stuff. How was the siren test? I am so behind in my artlife.....maybe I can catch up some today. Need to spend time visiting YOU.

hens teeth said...

I'm glad you bought yourself a few things. If it makes life a bit sweeter then it can't be a bad thing! (Wish I could have been with you).

Christine said...

Hi Margaret,
It looks like you have a lot of fun stuff to play with. Can't wait to see what you do with those little coaster pages. :)

We have the 10:00 siren test here every Tuesday. I think they do it just to get the birds out that nest in the horns of the siren. They say it is for Civil Defense. Poor birds. And it makes all of the dogs howl for about 15 minutes during and after the test.

Unknown said...

That was a large return for your return! haha I'm with Linda- I want to see what you do with the pages and curly wurlies. :)

Our sirens are "tested" every Wednesday at the noon hour. I don't think ours are for civil defense as much as tornado warnings. One stormy Wednesday the siren went off and I didn't know if it was a test or that I had to seek shelter in our our basement!

Unknown said...

I remember these sirens from when I lived in Germany...they sound just like air raid sirens from the movies..The always scared the you know out of me! Melinda