Monday, 9 February 2009

A letter to my love

This is one of my Artcards dated June 08. Somehow it seems more appropriate for this time of year with Valentines Day coming up. I copied the image from a photo I picked up at the market. I always wonder what's in the letter she's holding?
The background is a combination of papers and acrylic paint
I used a sticker from Cavallini and the postmark is a stamp I picked up in London from They have agreat range of 'postal' stamps
This is one of my favourite stamps combinded with some little jewels and antique ink.
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Linda Jo said...

That is a perfect Valentine's card...what were you thinking making that in June? hahaha You were planning ahead...let's do that this June, too...remind me.

Unknown said...

Beautimous card! I think her romantic letter is merely a grocery list she is handing to her husband as he leaves for work. "Pick up a few things, dear, on the way home, PLEASE?" But time (and imagination) makes everything romantic! teehee