Monday, 2 March 2009

Alice and Camilla (warning!! long post)

Trust Nathalie to rouse me out of my prolific procrastination phase (hence the lack of postings) with a question about the origin of Alice and Camilla. My dear friend and bestest art buddy Muriel lives on the other side of the lake (pic a bit hazy sorry) and a couple of years ago we went through a stage of sending each other 'read 'em' and weep' articles about women who apparently have it all. My choice was Alice Temperley, a Goddess of the British fashion world. At the time there were several articles circulating about her hip life in her hip London pad, in the weekends she would head to her country cottage and on one occasion was photographed walking between rows of selfmade indigo-dyed floaty dresses hanging from the trees, a true vision of lovliness. In retaliation Muriel sent me an article about an artist named Camilla who lived on a Scandanavian island in a weatherboard house with a white-washed studio and a shoe cupboard that hinted of a whole other life. Her children were pictured clean, well behaved and dressed in flowery smocks and stripy tights, sitting quietly reading! Both of these women appeared to be living a charmed life following their artistic pursuits surrounded by gorgeousness. DING DONG reality check! I suspect all is not exactly as it seems but I for one am happy to buy into it! . I named my blog as a small tribute to the arty Alices and crafty Camillas of this world, to inspiration, to fabulousness and living the dream!

My friend's mother bought me this DVD over from the UK (at my request I might add, what was I thinking??) Anyway, the review said it was suitable for the moderately fit, yeah right!! Now, I can't fault the lovely Mel for her enthusiasm but half way through the warm-up the kids and I had to sit down, by the time we got to the cardio we were lying down and at the end of it my daughter said, 'you know what Mummy, I don't think fitness is really me, I'll just stick to playing my recorder' ahh my child , my child...
I picked up a brand new banner from the second-hand shop on Friday, so the Spring thing can start
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Linda Jo said... we know. I love it!

~*~Patty S said...

Such a good question and what an interesting answer too!

Too funny about the exercise video. Last year my dh got me a bollywood dance video and I hardly got thru much of it until I was huffing and puffing :)

That beautiful that a view from your house? I want to live your life!

Unknown said...

What an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS story! Thanks for the explaination- I am GLAD I ASKED! :)

Your gray day photo is still gorgeous, even though the sun is not shining. Are those clouds or MOUNTAINS in the background?

HAHAHAHAHA! I'm with Patty on "I want to live your life". heehee I think you ARE one of the Alice and Camillas of this world, Margaret. At least that is my perception! Don't we ALL want to be perceived that way? teehee Now WHY didn't I think to get some flowing dresses from the thrift store, dye them pastel colors and hang them from my trees while dancing at sunset and then POST ALL ABOUT IT with LOTS of photos, so you all think I live that way DAILY? BRILLIANT! HAHAHAHAHA!

*Wiping eyes*
But now I CAN'T because it's already been done. *sigh* I'll have to think of my own take on the celebration of the art goddess's charmed life. :D

And did you SERIOUSLY get that beautiful banner "as is" at the thrift store? Well done you! What a find!

carole brungar said...

Did you know that as a journalist, (cough cough) I happen to know that the Alice and Camillas of this world are laying it on thick for those of us with cameras and pens! Don't let them fool you! They are really bored house wives with an over active dramatic sense of reality!!

Now, about that waist line.......