Monday, 30 March 2009

A mixed bag

On Friday I recieved a surprise in my mailbox from Viv at we've done a bit of an 'old paper' exchange and Viv sent some me some 1930's letters and a beautiful brooch she made, thank you Viv! just fab. The letters have such a wonderful feel to them and the names conjure up all sorts of characters in my head.
I've never really done any kind of 'guy' themed work but there's something quite masculine about a couple of the letters and I feel inclined to have a go. I have some men ATC backing papers and a few stamps that I think will fit quite nicely.
I found these flowers on Saturday, of course I could have stamped and antiqued them myself but I couldn't resist the colours!
And get me, talk about tidy! I thought the picture of my lace jar on an earlier post made me look like a complete Mrs Mess and I decided it was time to colour coordinate my wares , funnily enough it really is easier to see what you've got when it's stored like Of course the downside was that I had to eat the contents of the jars in order to re-use them (this is not the moment to ask how the fitness DVD and myself are faring..)
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gunnelsvensson said...

So much goodies to look at! Thanks for sharing, have a nice week !

~*~Patty S said...

Your jars are an inspiration, by color makes so much sense and being able to see in! Lovely mail you received and that pin looks sweet too!
The man in tails is a fab stamp M! It will be fun to see what you create

hens teeth said...

Yes, you are right, they are masculine. Looking forward to see how you work your magic x

Linda Jo said...

Jars look great. I haven't been able to find that hand stamp..with the pointing finger. I'll just send you mine when I mail your tag. It's not as if I EVER use it.

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Margaret, you are so lucky, I love Viv's work. Just looking at the bundle of masculine bits you have together has inspired me! Can't wait to see what you make of it all!!! Leanne.

carole brungar said...

What an exciting package! Love the wee brooch, lucky you! I think the ribbons in jars is a great idea, I have one super large jar filled with ribbons, but I would like to sort my buttons into jars with single colours. It's on the to do list.

I hate to think what the contents of the jars were! xP