Thursday, 30 April 2009

Journal journey

My friend Hera and I went to the scrapbook shop today, I haven't photographed what I bought as I really shouldn't have been there at all and only went to show her where it was, honest!! On the way we discussed the kind of work we like doing (she's the Queen of scrapbooking!) and what we do with it all when it's completed. I said I'd started an art journal and having nearly finished the cover I've come to the conclusion I actually prefer single pieces of work that I can hang up or decorate the house with and put away when I make something new. I am also a big fan of mini screens, canvases and tag books.
The beginnings of another (last) page, I found I was ok to work on the cereal box so long as I covered it up!! which kind of defeats the purpose of it really, except that I still know what's underneath. I made a crepe paper flower with a flattened bottle top as a center. I plan to cut up the other pages to make tag books, there I've said it, eekk! I'll wire and hang the cover from yesterday, holes and all and perhaps add a few beads to the bottom with my new gad... I mean old old hole punch thing! I enjoy this kind of artistic evolution, of trying something to know whether it works for me or not and invariably finding a whole bunch of new stuff in the process.
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~*~Patty S said...

The what are you going to do with it question is not a favorite of mine....sometimes I just want things...well because I want them LOL I too like things to hang, but then again I like books and cards and oh it's all fun.
Your tissue flower looks fab with that wonderful smooshed cap for the perfect center! What a good friend you are 'showing' your friend where the store was too :)

Linda Jo said...

Yes, you are such a thoughtful friend...going out of your way to go to the scrapbook store! My oh my! Well....things we make that we don't know what to do with...we send them off in the mail to strangers. I can furnish addresses if need be.

Unknown said...

Your squashed bottle cap rosette has given me an excellent idea... not telling though. I'll just make it and post about it. :)

I love the colors on your cover, BTW.

bockel24 said...

Hey Margaret, concerning the Versafine: I´m using it because it stamps as well as the StazOn but is easier to clean up. Both are waterproof. I only use StazOn on slick surfaces including glossy paper. Thanks for your kind comment!