Tuesday, 7 April 2009


When I was younger my mother always told me I had to finish one project before I started another, but to be honest if I did that then I think I'd never complete anything. I often find if I leave something for a while a new idea or a further development will present itself which I kind of like. That said there are times (seldom!!) when I do actually sit down and do something start to finish so I guess both methods have their merits. Below is the tag book I started yesterday, I quite like how the colours are coming together.
The Lake of Zürich last week, inspired the piece below

And then it all ground to a halt after I added a stamp of a fish which bothers me somehow, hmm.. now this is an example of a 'it takes time' piece! I won't tell you to watch this space as it could be a while!
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gunnelsvensson said...

it´s look s great both the tagbook and "the lake"
Have a nice week!

hens teeth said...

If fish bothers you, I would cover it and snip sections away, just have bits peeking. If bothered me even more I would cover it completely. There, how aboutthat for some wisdom ;-)

Unknown said...

I like the starts of both. Maybe the lake was finished before you added the fish (I like the hazy, weak sunlight thing you have going there).

That said, I have found a solution for my started projects (I'm with ou on letting things simmer). I put a set of ATCs in a tray so I could put them away from the reach of small hands. Kept my materials all together too while the ATCs were in progress. And I finally found a use for the wooden tray I bought 2 years ago!

Seth said...

I am a multiple project person too. Like what you are doing here! The color palette in both pieces is so soothing!

~*~Patty S said...

Lake Zurich certainly does look inspiring, Love your soft use of colors M! When anything bothers me, I slap some gesson on it and I am good to go again....it's fun having choices!

kearymary said...

The piece inspired by the lake is awesome! It takes a good artist to have something so simple and achieve so much depth and texture. Really beautiful!!