Monday, 18 May 2009

Bags and Tags

I have a lot of bags and I have a lot of tags so I thought why not combine them. I started by folding the bags into pages, stuck them together with a bit of gel medium and then went wild with the sewing machine.
Oh and don't forget pockets, I have a lot of those too!
Surprising what you find in the cupboard when you tidy up!
HERA, tip of the day: whole French theme being unloaded in Migros this morning, this mega cute metal hanger 7.90CHF!! might just have to pop back and see what else was in those boxes!!
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Jen xo said...

Neat idea Margaret, theyll be fun to decorate...jenxo

Linda Jo said...

Aren't you clever! Aren't you supposed to be working on SOMETHING else? rofl

Unknown said...

LOVE IT! Paper bags and tags are two of my favorite things! Oh, and sewn embellishments. I use my sewing machine as much as my glue stick. :)

The other day I broke down and bought a Zutter BiN on ebay. Between you and Linda, I had just about enough of viewing fantastic binding projects that I could only dream about. It will seem like an eternity waiting for the box to arrive. You can BET there will be a post about it!