Monday, 18 May 2009

Something else?

Something else I should be doing, hmm?? whatever could Linda be referring to?? eating? sleeping? hang on, I've got it, that'll be the postcard swap then!! well would you believe it, I am actually on it, I've selected my childhood photo and will be doing something fabulous with it in the next few days, weeks, soon, I'll do it soon...
Anyway, my bags have come up well don't you think? bit of a blurry line with the ink though, they're quite absorbent. I added a layer of gloss which I was a bit worried about but it's given the bag a great finish and has really brought out the colour.
I bought a pair of jeans recently that had this written on the tag, they are rather comfty and I could well imagine falling asleep in them!
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~*~Patty S said...

you have the magic touch for turning everyday things into something wonderful....amazing transformation of a little ole brown bag!!!!

Linda Jo said...

Patty said it so well! I love the warning on your jeans, too! Glad you are making SOMETHING!