Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Treasure trove

I found these in the basement yesterday, they must be 12 or so years old and come from a time before my children. I find it hard to imagine that I ever had the patience to sew these together!! not that they're finished of course! my fav blues and greens were already making their mark.
I think this was taken from a book about watercolours from fabric, not sure of the title, it's probably down there somewhere as well, I NEVER throw out books!

And then there are a whole lot of star shapes, these came from a book by Paula Nadelstern. She used a lot of geometric design and I was fascinated by her eye for colour and repetition. When I look back at these things it makes me realise it's really been quite a journey to get to where I am now, and what fun I've had on the way!
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carole brungar said...

OMG!! these treasures are lovely - you were a skilled quilter, and the florals! I just love them! Why don't you make something from them???? hmmm?
P x

hens teeth said...

Beautiful patchwork M.

Linda Jo said...

Oh yeah....the Watercolor Quilts book. I think I donated mine to the local library! Love your stuff!

gunnelsvensson said...

the first is my favourite! My colours!

Unknown said...

Beautiful quilts! You HAVE come a long way from rigid geometrics. :)

bockel24 said...

Love the blue and green piece! Oh, and I´m happy that you could find a copy of "Just Stamps" and like my article!