Thursday, 11 June 2009

Secrets revealled

If you pop over to Nathalie's blog you'll see she's revealled all about the creation of my special box, it makes fascinating reading the many different elements and techniques she used. The box has a very special finish and feel to it that unfortunately I can't capture on the photo's but now I know how she did it!
It's incredibly cool to think there's a 1930's newspaper underneath, Nathalie sent me a page and I'm still clutching it, so precious!

I'll also be trying out her technique with the lace, I love the translucent effect she's created with Modge Podge, it softens the look of box but at the same time sets as hard as a rock.

The most inspiring of ideas!

Posted by PicasaAnd yes Nathalie, my dead rellies are on their way over and what better person than your fair self to be the keeper of them!


gunnelsvensson said...

This box is so lovely! I can understand that you love it!

Linda Jo said...

It is quite a keepsake! Nathalie did an awesome job!

~*~Patty S said...

wonderful creation for certain
your photos are always good M!!

Unknown said...

Your photos are awesome! Don't clutch the newspaper too hard. I can always send you more. And some wallpaper too. :)