Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Transfer fantastic

A while ago Carole asked about making a transfer and I thought I'd show you how I do It. I make a laser copy using normal paper, some of the higher quality papers are a lot thicker and have a gloss on them which I don't find so useful in this kind of transfer.
I apply a good layer of Gel Medium onto the print, flip it over and roller it onto the fabric. After many unsuccessful attemps at this technique I saw a YouTube clip from Claudine Hellmuth and realised the trick is to let it dry really really well. If you try to remove it too soon the image won't transfer.
Next you need to wet the paper either with a mister or run it under the tap and then start rolling the paper off with your fingers, it's so much fun to see the picture appearing, although I should point out it's not so magical that the entire picture changes (see above!!) this is one I did earlier! Keep wetting and rolling the paper off until you have a clear image and leave to dry, it's that easy!
A sneak peek at my rellies on their way to Nathalie
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hens teeth said...

Thanks M. I've got some gel medium, going to have a go now. x

Unknown said...

It is THAT easy? It took me years to buy gesso. Hopefully it won't take me that long to buy gel medium!

So you are sending me some of your dead relatives. ;) Hmmm. I am still in the dark about your earlier riddle. Hurry Mr. Postman!

carole brungar said...

I think I see the light!
Thanks Mrs G! I will give that a go!!

Jen xo said...

so maybe thats what im doing wrong. im too impatient! and its not dry enough and i end up with holes....thanks Margaret....jenxo

~*~Patty S said...

OK M, you've made me think I must try this again. How great that laser prints work too! I did not know that!!! Lucky Nathalie!!!