Thursday, 16 July 2009

getting there

And 1 became 94, only 6 to go! I think I've used just about every photo or part of that I own
I covered the canvas with the Lexicon pages, a slop of Gesso then proceeded to put a slightly green wash over the whole thing, WHY??? see, this is where I just know there's something wrong with my eyesight or perhaps it's the effect of the hols...
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Debrina said...

Well hello Margaret! Fancy that - we're both artist's and librarians...and Kiwis??!! It also looks like we're both ATC and Inchie mad! Ahh..serendipity... So we've GOT to stay in touch, me thinks! Would you be up for a quick one to one Inchie swap (after your 100th is done, of course) with a letter of introduction?? Oh, and I love Angela Cartwright's idea. It reminds me of an old posting I did called small canvases:
(Well, seeing as we're supposed to be digging up some buried treasure!). Lol!

Unknown said...

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