Monday, 3 August 2009

Silent scream

This is DH's artistic interpretation of my encounter with a very large green snake that flopped itself at my feet on the second day of our hols. I have to say it isn't a terribly accurate impression as I neither screamed nor ran because I was paralysed by fear on both counts!! I've never seen a real snake outside of the Zoo and of all the things I expected to come crashing out of the bushes it wasn't that. I rang the host who said so long as it's not grey with a triangular head it's ok, just try not to antagonise it! Fortunately it wasn't one of these but it still left the problem of a seven year old boy and his natural ability to seek out trouble wherever it may be. Consequently I didn't have my Alice and Camilla moment sitting under a tree drinking Italian wine and crafting while the kid's played quietly in the garden, more like me shrieking (had already practised on hill) have you got your shoes on, don't go in the garden alone, don't climb the stone walls, if the bush rattles keep away etc etc
On the plus side of the unexpected I discovered Italian Decoupage mags, wow! what a find, especially this one called 'di Casamia' which was packed full of vintage illustrations
I also found a treasure trove of wrapping paper, boxes and boxes of the stuff to choose from

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Linda Jo said...

LOL about the snake, Margaret! I might've had a heart attack right then. I'm glad you lived to find the collage stuff...thank God for that!!!!!!!!

Jen xo said...

wow. look at the wonderful goodies you found.what a bonus!

love the snake drawing , hope you have recovered by now...jenxo

~*~Patty S said...

do we have the snake to thank for sending you shopping even more than you might have planned perhaps ;)
great fun finds
the snake drawing is a hoot, I JUST bought The Scream postcard at the Nat'l Gallery in Wash DC, funny!!

Alisa Noble said...

Oh my! I had a very similar experience a few weeks ago while on vacation. Walked into a restroom (not a proper one mind you, but one in a State Park) and came face to face with a Rat Snake. Startled both of us... I squeaked and threw myself at the door and he coiled himself up to lunge.

Love the magazine you found!

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Aaaaaagh! Snakes!

Love the look of those decoupage mags and papers! What a wonderful find on your travels!!!

carole brungar said...

Great drawing, reckon he missed his calling! lol
Great finds while shopping too. Do you find you look for totally different things now than you did in your life before all this arting?
mmmmm me too!

Unknown said...

Your DH has talent! Caught your distress PERFECTLY! ha ha ha.

And ooooo, I am envious of your decoupage book of images. Sublime!