Monday, 25 January 2010

Complete canvas

I found a small bird for my canvas as I figured there's not a lot of point in having a perch without a percher. It's so badly wired that it tips forward everytime the front door closes and by mid-afternoon it's beak down and in dire need of assistance, I've added rewiring to my 'to do' list...
At the risk of looking Herman Munster-ish I glued a drawer knob to the top, kind of fits the colour and well, why not?
I had a couple of questions about the canvas and on this occasion I did actually take a pic of the starting point. I usually gather a pile of old bits of paper and start ripping and gluing. Once you have a rough 'canvas' shape then get sewing, I tend to use a mixture of plain and zig-zag and just go where I like. I do have a free-motion quilting foot for my machine (which would be easier) but that would involve reading the instructions and then following them which is more than I'm capable of right at this moment.
This is the point at which most of my friends say they think they'll mess it up or they don't want to cover up the backing papers. The trick is to just GO FOR IT, use waterbased crayons to lay a bit of colour down, when you have an idea where the piece is going you can add acrylics, a bit of stenciling, stamping, whatever. I usually remove more paint than I leave on which is the beauty of water based products!
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~*~Patty S said...

Oh what a doll you are for taking us through some of your creative steps! Love it M!!!

Giggling at you deciding it's not worth reading the book to change the foot! Changing the bobbin is not something that even comes naturally to me ... 50/50 chance of getting it going the wrong/right way :) That I can't get around!

Thanks again for sharing, so did I read correctly, you created a "canvas" with papers never really using a canvas?

The birdie and door knob are brilliant additions ... maybe your little bird is a "cuckoo" ;)

Jen xo said...

oh Thank you margaret, i really like my waterbased crayons too for that very resaon,
i am lazy at changing the foor over, i think you need two sewing machines, its such a rigmarole!

sweet bird too!! jenxo

ps you started youe paper dress yet?

Tania said...

Goodness, your work is beautiful. I've been catching up with a post holiday mosey around. I wouldn't have left out the doorknob either.

Alisa Noble said...

Thanks for sharing your technique! Just love the colors and textures happening here!

carole brungar said...

What a great tutorial! I'll keep you on as teacher, mind you mind still wouldn't look like that anyway!! lol

Unknown said...

I am such a purist, it would have been hard for me to cover over all of that great paper! That's what I admire about you, Margaret. Damn the torpedoes, you just push full steam ahead!

Now why is your bird unpainted? :D

Caterina Giglio said...

oh you tease!! I want to see MORE!!! fantastic..!

BadPenny said...

oh thank you for showing us the little bird & your joke about the door knob !

Seth said...

I love this. The taterred and patchy nature of this piece really speaks to me.