Friday, 6 April 2012

Postcard from Singapore

Darcy's postcard challenge takes us to Singapore this week. 
 I visited this fab city many years ago
 and it's still my transit stop whenever I manage to get home to NZ   
There's an amazing walk-in butterfly enclosure at the airport
a must see if you're ever passing through!
 I made my card using a butterfly punch
 and an assortment of Asian scrapbooking papers 
 Here's Gloria's card to Jayne, it reads:
I think I've landed in a winged wonderland
full of fanciful flutterers including
The Dot Dash Sergeant, The Chequered Lancer,
 Jacintha Eggfly and Spotted Judy
They could be characters in a book, superb!
p.s has Bagman found his wallet yet?
I'm getting worried
I struggled a bit this week, I had loads of ideas 
but seemed incapable of doing anything with them.
I blame excessive choccie consumption for my woes!
Happy weekend!


gottahavemoxie said...

Ooh, I love your interpretation this week. The colors are so pretty. I went to a indoor butterfly garden in Michigan a few years ago an it was just magical. I could have spent all day there.

Dagmar said...

Wonderful, wonderful, love how the batteries look like fabric
on the postcard...hopefully spring is on its way to you...!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Easter will do that to you (too much chocci). However, I am thrilled to see how your imagination took shape and made this beauty. I'm sure this is a postcard no one else would have considered. And you didn't have to draw a thing, either!!

Still loving how you have developed your characters. Always fun to read about them. Happy Easter.

peggy gatto said...

Divine and exquisite!!!
Love the color!!!

Caterina Giglio said...


WrightStuff said...

This card is incredible! I have a feeling this might make the finalist list at the end of the month!! Brilliant idea beautifully executed.

mags21 said...

wow. what a great postcard. beautiful colours, what a different idea...

Unknown said...

Brilliant! Love the colors and "dimension".

Darcy Marshall said...

wow, I think this is my fave card so far this week. I just love it, simple but perfect and totally gorgeous colours.

~*~Patty S said...

oh M absolutely wonderful
...that must be the tiniest shmetterling punch!
AND you must be oh so patient to fiddle to get them each to look so splendid fluttering on your postcard!

I dream of visiting exotic places like Singapore and NZ one day...sighhh

Unknown said...

Beautiful card! We adore butterflies....we like to think that we can have conversations with them! Yes, we know exactly what you mean about the ideas and productivity failure. Some days/weeks are just tough to create because the stress of daily life gets in our way. If you have time, come and visit us We are a mother-daughter duo and are new to the blogging world. We LOVE meeting new friends!

Jenny said...

Love your postcard Margaret... the butterflies are gorgeous... truly beautiful...

Jenny x

Halle said...

Another gorgeous interpretation!
I have my card done but not the page.
Happy Easter!

Janet said...

A wonderful and original postcard. Chocolate suits you!

Janet xx

APG Jamie said...

It is wonderful, love LOVE the 3D'ness of it. Sweet <3

My Creative House said...

Dear Margaret thanks for sweet comment about my new grandson, your butterflies postcard is wonderful and so beautifully made, Happy Easter.
Hugs Anni

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Wow! That looks fantastic! What a fab idea for a postcard. :) Happy Easter! :)

Joanna said...

Your postcard is absolutely beautiful, Margaret! I adore the colours sweeping across the card.


Linda Jo said...

It's beautiful! You never disappoint! Put the chocolate down. Happy Easter!

San @ Made in Hem said...

Love your card! The colors are so great together!!! ♥

ale said...

dear margaret!! your lovely butterflies makes me fly and dream!!! how beautifull the colours and papers!!!! lots of kisses for youuuuu!!and more and more inspiration to fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!besos!

Jen said...

Love butterflies, what a brilliant idea. Looks amazing, love it. Been away so a rather belated Happy Easter to you.
Jen x

Dee said...

What a fantastic card - really lovely and very original. Wow! a butterfly enclosure at the airport - I'd love to see that.

Gini said...

I was just going through your previous posts thinking you must have got over the crush on butterflies but here they all are, they had just been hiding on this beautiful card!
Wishing you a very Happy Easter Margaret and a creative rest of year :-)