Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Counting down

As I put another weekly art card in the box I realised I only have another 12 cards to complete and the year's journey will be over. I'm so looking forward to Dec 31 when I get to open all those envelopes and see what I've done throughout the year, I've photographed a couple but otherwise I just put them away as soon as they were dry. I really have no idea what's in the box which sounds terrible but my memory really is that bad! I'm looking forward to my personal challenge being complete as I now know the kind of art I want to produce and just need the time to do it.
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carole brungar said...

Hey that little machine works real well! Good thinking 99!
:) C

Unknown said...

What a great idea! Kind of like giving your self a gift of art! My memory is bad too. A friend will write, "I love the hand made card you sent me" and if I hadn't taken a picture and posted it on my blog, I'd have no idea what card she was talking about. heehee