Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Mrs Gilroy

Nathalie has a lovely Tag-tutorial over at which is just what I need during the kid's holidays, some easy instructions to follow! I'm feeling rather weary however, I was totally inspired by this little project. I don't seem to have a Diva stamp but could manage an old Dame and oddly enough I do own a shoe stamp. Poor old Mrs Gilroy, I know just where she's at! The other night I had dream in which I was being thrown out of a club for wearing a cardigan. Now, of course that begs the question, what was I even doing in a club in the first place and secondly what's wrong with cardys?? I say that having just bought a new Winter woolly AND I changed the buttons to make myself appear young and hip. I'm with you Mrs Gilroy!
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carole brungar said...

Mmmmm.... it begs the question, where did you get that name? Mrs Gilroy?
;D puffy

Mixed Media Martyr said...

This is gorgeous!