Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Miscellaneous ramble

My DH has decided to take two weeks off before Christmas which in principle is a lovely idea however it is cramping my creative opportunties a little. There are two things you should know about your average Swiss 1) they tend to like their world well organised and 2) they tend to like their world to be clean. Sometimes I wonder how on earth we got together as I hold neither of these characteristics in any great quantity and we waste a lot of time in silly discussions about the supposed merits of filing systems, Spring cleaning and the like. Anyway, DH decided he wanted to clean, good for him I hear you cry and yes the windows are looking rather glitzy and he has completed various tasks that I have no interest in whatsoever, bless him. However, I decided a spot of rebellious art would be my response to this cleaning frenzy and settled upon a pic of myself with teapot on my head ( I have my reasons...) ah, but where is the teapot stamp?? having spent over an hour looking for it I began to doubt it's existence at all until I came across the backing paper (below) it should have been attached to, hmmm..

Perhaps this fabulous set of drawers in the Museum in Ballenberg is the answer although knowing me I'd probably forget which number I stashed it under, kind of like not remembering where you left your car in the parking building
I bought this book sometime ago and had it for a nano-second before a friend borrowed it exclaiming 'oh it's so me' Having finally got it back I then lent it (duh!) to another friend as she wanted to make a present for her mum. Yesterday she returned it but the person I was with at the time promptly pounced on it saying 'oohhh I like that, can I borrow it please'' NOOOO!!!! enough is enough. If I was a bookseller I could have made the lovely Claudine a fortune by now!! great book for techniques and fab photo tutorials
The second person to borrow the book did however pop this little surprise in with it's return (Nathalie lol) it's true I can be bribed by Halloween sweets from The States, albeit a tad late, now I wonder what those curtains I lent her 4 years ago are worth ...
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carole brungar said...

cleaning! ha! Nothing Mrs G couldn't buckle down and do!! (giggle)

Unknown said...

My husband stresses me too when he is home! I have to worry about cooking him meals instead of being creative!

I don't have any teapot stamps, but could have lent you a couple teacups. What did you end up putting on your head? I want to see the finished self portrait!

Your yummy candy photo made me laugh. Good thing the waxy coating extends their shelf life to YEARS. haha Now I am hungry for a bit of candy corn... I think they come in Christmas shapes too.

Oh and your mass of file drawers-- I would love a set too! I have a small set of 5 I bought for nothing at a church tag sale that look fabulous but are all poorly organized. If I had to put an identifiying tag on each drawer, it was read, simply, "stuff", "things", "rubber stamps and clutter", "more clutter". haha!

~*~Patty S said...

Very fun post M, thanks for the giggles....hoping you get to squeeze in LOTS of play of my favorite stamps is "Art Helps Me Breathe" :)

Linda Jo said...

Oh my goodness. Here I was...a few months back discovering your blog and loving it to pieces. Then one of my dearest internet friends (and also real life) finds you and takes over and starts sending you things in the mail. I don't even have your mailing address. Where did I go wrong? Send me your mailing addy, Margaret. I cannot stand to be left out.