Monday, 1 December 2008


On Saturday I went to Strasbourg with a couple of friends to visit the Christmas market and soak up the atmosphere. Last time we were there we spent ages looking for a button shop we'd been told about, the only clues were a photograph of the button outside (very helpful!) and that it was somewhere near Grand Rue, not a lot to go on but super sleuths that we were we managed to find it.
This time minus my French speaking friend Hera, I walked around the block at least twice, in the totally wrong direction numerous times and finally stumbled upon it quite by accident, and yep I did have a map but it didn't have all the small streets marked on it, no really it didn't, honest...
The decor is very old, stone floors, wooden shelves and drawers and bottles of buttons like you would not believe. I wasn't allowed to photograph inside but managed to get a 'hint' of it through the window. Not only do they sell buttons, but wool, ribbon and funky jewellery to make yourself
The first visit was overwhelming but this time I was prepared! I even bought the pieces to make a ring even though I'm totally useless at putting these things together, we'll see. I also bought some ribbon and various other crafty bits around town.
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~*~Patty S said...

Oh I am enjoying shopping vicariously with you Margaret. Seeing all those jars of buttons made my mouth water *ggg*. I will be looking forward to seeing what you make with your bounty*booty*buttons :)