Thursday, 22 January 2009

Exciting packli

I recieved this wonderful 'goodie bag' full of surprises from Linda over at Such a treat to have so many things that will fit right into my art and I'm now the proud owner of some Dresden band!! I've looked for this German scrap here thinking it would be easy to find given that Germany's just next door, but no! I asked Linda for the latest CPS as I so desperately wanted to read the article by Viv of there it was, ah, just wish I could embroider! I particularly like this mag as it's always packed full of ideas and totally doable projects such as the little magnets by Jodi Ohl I'm trying not to get distracted and finish what I've started but to be honest I'm not really trying that hard! wonder if there are any bits of wood lying around ...
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Jodi Ohl said...

Thank you for the mention---if you need any wood pieces let me :) I have plenty.

Enjoy your gift package, what a sweet thing for you to receive from your friend!