Tuesday, 17 February 2009


So glad to hear Nickelback meets with general approval, certainly did wonders for me yesterday! I got up this morning with a spring in my step and did a bit of spontaneous art. This is the type of work I enjoy the most as I often find if I spend too long thinking about an idea I've invariably gone off it by the time I've finished it (not sure what that says about me??!) I sewed a few papers together, old and new, then attached them to some recycled card from an old cereal box.
I layered on some Gesso then got busy with my watercolour crayons
This piece of art was with my son in mind and I wanted to use the words 'all in good time'. I've used this text before and felt in need of a gentle reminder...
I'll post Part 2 tomorrow when hopefully the light will be better. I've finished the piece with wax which of course is now nigh on impossible to photograph, quite a shine it's got going.
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gunnelsvensson said...

So interesting it looks! Thanks for sharing the different step!