Friday, 6 March 2009


Yesterday on the radio they said it was grey Thursday which must make today double grey, rainy, cold, miserable Friday!! I have J home AGAIN with a cough and a cold and I'm just wondering when things are going to pick up a bit. Today's post is a link and a rather fabulous one at that! I discovered this site a couple of years ago when I was into sewing small purses. They have a cool range of funky fabrics and trims and I could easily buy everything on their site!
I found this fabric in their kitchen section, a recipe in French, very cute! (they have teapots now, oh my...) The words 'poison apple' I used on an earlier canvas also came from fabric I bought on this site. Make sure you read the fabric description carefully as there's a mixture of cottons and canvases.
Under trims and Notions you'll find all sorts of pre-printed trim but also plain linen tapes which are great for stamping on.
The company is based in the States but the postage to other countries was very reasonable and the service was super efficient. Posted by Picasa


gunnelsvensson said...

So beautiful!
Here is grey too ! Have a nice wekeend!

~*~Patty S said...

You temptress you! Thank you for sharing such a great link! They have great sale pages too, Love a sale! It's cloudy here also, thank goodness for all of the sunshine and sharing here in blogland! :)

gunnelsvensson said...

Good luck with the new stamps ! They are really great, it will be fun to see what you will do! If you want to; so give me an email, my adress it´s on my blog, so I got yours, sometimes it´s difficult to "talk" ower bogcomments!

carole brungar said...

bad bad bad!

Unknown said...

I admire OTHER popel's sewing projects, but thankfully don't attempt many myself! I have to draw the line somehwere!

Love your rosette!

Okay, I will just take a small peek at your link. Just a looksy. No intention of buying...

Unknown said...

I missed "people" when I was retyping. You should have SEEN my typ-os BEFORE I corrected my post!

I look dyslexic without spell check.

Unknown said...

I love this fabric! I am going to go take a look at this site for sure.....just a note, I finally live in a state where there is sun and blue sky! even though it is cold, it is just wonderful. I am soaking it up.