Thursday, 12 March 2009

Z'utter excitement

Muriel and I had a bit of an Alice and Camilla session today complete with a wee demonstration of the BIA, so totally the right person to show this to!! lots of oooo-ing and aaaahh-ing and will you look at that-ing (no idea why I took the pic of our mess directly into the light, oops)
I managed to get the backing papers stuck down, Muriel bought me a sheet of fabulous wrapping paper on her way over, which I used in the side panels
Time was rather short so Muriel just placed the elements in the general direction, I'll be checking later to see if it's been finished, as for mine, as I said yesterday 'I'm on it...'
And why doesn't she have a Blog??
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Linda Jo said...

Awesome! (that's fab in America) I love it all. Oh, I need to embellish my triptych!!! Easter banners are taking over my life right now. Love your jar of ribbon!

Unknown said...

Even your work surface is inspriring! I am beginnnign to think my life is incomplete without a BIA!

Hey, if you start a petition for Muriel to start a blog, I would be happy to sign it!

Or you may have to start a second blog, "The Artistic Antics of Muriel and Margaret".

carole brungar said...

What a delightfully messy table top! Almost matches mine!
Easter - I already have a head start on the easter eggs! (the chocolate and marshmellow kind! lol)

Unknown said...

this is soo pretty! I love the nest too...I wish I was there to enjoy that "mess" with you!