Wednesday, 27 May 2009

In the beginning

Here it is, the start of trying to make fabric do what paper does. I tried my hand at transferring pictures using a pre-prepared fabric that went though the printer. I didn't know anything about gel medium and the like, just a question of trial and error. I think it was around this time I found Mixed Media and packed up all my sewing stuff. I like this kind of art where I can be ever so slightly untidy, am free to pile stuff on, make a mess and generally enjoy myself!
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Nearly done

Bear with me, I'm nearly finished!! I orginally went to the basement to find some vintage lace, but well, whatever... next discovery! after my quilty phase I moved onto dolls and a lot of them! blimey, the work that went into this stuff, hard to believe I ever had the patience
Oh no, where's my body??? I used to hate painting faces and still do, just not my thing. In the absence of classes I bought yet another load of books, my favs were from Elinor Peace Bailey and Patti Medaris Culea

Seriously pregnant and hormonal!!! oddly enough, I remember this well

The start of long and tall in my art. Last year the art teacher commented she'd never met anyone who would consistently choose such a long narrow piece of paper to work on, apparently it can be a diffficult format to use, but not if you're painting tall trees (as I did) nearly every time!!

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Thank you

Yesterday I recieved this fabulous bag of goodies in the post from Angelika at talk about spoilt rotten!! paper, fabric, lace and buttons to swoon for...
Photocards to make you weep...
German paper band sigh...
Thank you Angelika, you made my day!
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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Treasure trove

I found these in the basement yesterday, they must be 12 or so years old and come from a time before my children. I find it hard to imagine that I ever had the patience to sew these together!! not that they're finished of course! my fav blues and greens were already making their mark.
I think this was taken from a book about watercolours from fabric, not sure of the title, it's probably down there somewhere as well, I NEVER throw out books!

And then there are a whole lot of star shapes, these came from a book by Paula Nadelstern. She used a lot of geometric design and I was fascinated by her eye for colour and repetition. When I look back at these things it makes me realise it's really been quite a journey to get to where I am now, and what fun I've had on the way!
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Monday, 25 May 2009


I thought I'd like to have a go at the 'postage people' who seem to be quite popular at the moment, but when it came down to it I realised I don't actually have many postage stamps with faces on them and secondly I don't really have any rubber stamps to do the bodies with. So I made the most of what I do have, an old playing card and a US stamp of author Edna Ferber
My entire stamp collection, apart from three copies of Edna it's a guys' world
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Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Fanfare please!! I've actally finished my childhood swap postcard before the deadline, a truly unique and wonderous moment. Below is just a small hint, I won't reveal all until the swap is completed!
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Monday, 18 May 2009

Something else?

Something else I should be doing, hmm?? whatever could Linda be referring to?? eating? sleeping? hang on, I've got it, that'll be the postcard swap then!! well would you believe it, I am actually on it, I've selected my childhood photo and will be doing something fabulous with it in the next few days, weeks, soon, I'll do it soon...
Anyway, my bags have come up well don't you think? bit of a blurry line with the ink though, they're quite absorbent. I added a layer of gloss which I was a bit worried about but it's given the bag a great finish and has really brought out the colour.
I bought a pair of jeans recently that had this written on the tag, they are rather comfty and I could well imagine falling asleep in them!
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Bags and Tags

I have a lot of bags and I have a lot of tags so I thought why not combine them. I started by folding the bags into pages, stuck them together with a bit of gel medium and then went wild with the sewing machine.
Oh and don't forget pockets, I have a lot of those too!
Surprising what you find in the cupboard when you tidy up!
HERA, tip of the day: whole French theme being unloaded in Migros this morning, this mega cute metal hanger 7.90CHF!! might just have to pop back and see what else was in those boxes!!
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Saturday, 16 May 2009

The whole world in his font

The photos from the local holiday program have arrived, the theme was 'Around the World' unfortunately I only seem to beable to load 4 pics at a time, must get that sorted!

Dot painting from Australia
The walk home after a great day out in the forest
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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Trial and error, error

Step 1: scrap a lovely background, attach to backing, cover with Diamond Glaze
Step 2: remove lovely piece as during the drying process it sunk in the middle like one of my cakes and the poor child seems to be suffering from a severe case of the lesser known 'bubble acne'
Step 3: read instructions that should have been read before attempting Step 1
Drying and bubble problem solved but remove backing for SECOND time as 'inspire' just looks all wrong, I will finish this, really I will...
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Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I was quite inspired by some papers I picked up in the scrapbook shop last week. I realised I actually have quite a few Asian inspired bits and pieces, in fact I found even more things after I'd finished this screen! I really must have a tidy up at some stage.
I had five of these little charms when I started. I'd planned to use a jump ring to attach them but managed to break the tops of three of them in the process, way more fragile than they look.
I BIA got a bit over-excited at finally being used again and I punched one too many holes in the corner. The piece is quite unstable if the holes stop too high up and the big chunky wires I like are better for tag books rather than screens for the same stability reason. I repaired the hole with a flower, just a shame it's not an Orchid.
I cut this image out of a 'Heaven' banknote I picked up at the local Asian supermarket
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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

let me introduce you...

This is Gwendolin the rat. Apparently, she will (according to my daughter) be replacing Hammy the Hamster, no I say, no really not. I don't have anything personal against rats, but no, not in my house. I think we just need to take a bit more time to mull over the 'new pet' question. On a positive side I'd like to highlight the artistic merits of the picture, look at the rubber band tail, the use of texture to convey ... um?? nooooooo
My own artistic endeavours have ground to a halt and have somehow gone into reverse, I'm awaiting their return and will let you know when there's a bit of action!
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