Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I was quite inspired by some papers I picked up in the scrapbook shop last week. I realised I actually have quite a few Asian inspired bits and pieces, in fact I found even more things after I'd finished this screen! I really must have a tidy up at some stage.
I had five of these little charms when I started. I'd planned to use a jump ring to attach them but managed to break the tops of three of them in the process, way more fragile than they look.
I BIA got a bit over-excited at finally being used again and I punched one too many holes in the corner. The piece is quite unstable if the holes stop too high up and the big chunky wires I like are better for tag books rather than screens for the same stability reason. I repaired the hole with a flower, just a shame it's not an Orchid.
I cut this image out of a 'Heaven' banknote I picked up at the local Asian supermarket
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Jan said...

Lovely Asian screen Margaret - beautiful atmospheric feel to it.
By the way, rats can make lovely pets! My daughter has two(she's 48now!)and they really are intelligent loveable creatures. Maybe not to everyone's taste though!!

~*~Patty S said...

WOW M, the colors you used make this screen so unique and gorgeous! Great details as always! I was wondering if you liked Asian, that thought went thru my head recently, now I know LOL!

Seth said...

This really looks great. Love the close up shots.