Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Nearly done

Bear with me, I'm nearly finished!! I orginally went to the basement to find some vintage lace, but well, whatever... next discovery! after my quilty phase I moved onto dolls and a lot of them! blimey, the work that went into this stuff, hard to believe I ever had the patience
Oh no, where's my body??? I used to hate painting faces and still do, just not my thing. In the absence of classes I bought yet another load of books, my favs were from Elinor Peace Bailey and Patti Medaris Culea

Seriously pregnant and hormonal!!! oddly enough, I remember this well

The start of long and tall in my art. Last year the art teacher commented she'd never met anyone who would consistently choose such a long narrow piece of paper to work on, apparently it can be a diffficult format to use, but not if you're painting tall trees (as I did) nearly every time!!

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Linda Jo said...

I LOVE your dolls! I went through several doll making phases. I still have a box of doll making just never knows!

gunnelsvensson said...

Yes, I agree with Linda! I lOVE your dolls !!! They are great !

ColourFly said...

Your dolls are so cute! I love them!!!!

~*~Patty S said...

Your doll making phase was quite wonderful! It does not show that you did not enjoy doing faces, these are great!!! I agree about being able to pile things on too.
My mother was the doll maker and I never ventured there....she made teeny tiny miniature type things, she's too busy now with a new chapter in her life.
I can see why you got sidetracked in the basement, so many wonderful creations and memories there!

Unknown said...

I love your skinny trio! Your pregnant doll is wonderful too-- her pink hair and outfit is perfect! What great treasures to rediscover!

Viola said...

Great work, Margaret! Your dolls look so fabulous!! :o)

Elizabeth Golden said...

I love your dolls, the three tall skinny one are fabulous! and your pregnant one is darling. I hope you will make more.