Sunday, 10 May 2009

Trial and error, error

Step 1: scrap a lovely background, attach to backing, cover with Diamond Glaze
Step 2: remove lovely piece as during the drying process it sunk in the middle like one of my cakes and the poor child seems to be suffering from a severe case of the lesser known 'bubble acne'
Step 3: read instructions that should have been read before attempting Step 1
Drying and bubble problem solved but remove backing for SECOND time as 'inspire' just looks all wrong, I will finish this, really I will...
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Jen xo said...

haha bubble acne,like that one!
I love seeing other peoples disasters, makes me feel very normal. Im sure it will look lovely when its finished...jenxo

Unknown said...

Great tutorial! And I think your piece still looks lovely, bubbles, sinking and all.

But then, you know I am a biased fan of yours. ;)

~*~Patty S said...

Nathalie cracks me up...great tutorial!!! I am amazed you could get the piece out after adding the diamond glaze. You didn't shake the Dglaze before did you :0
you have us all curious now and I know the finished piece will be wonderful

Linda Jo said...

Okay..came here to see The Whole World in his font and you must've removed it. It showed up on my blog roll..don't you hate that you can't do anything anymore without the rest of us knowing immediately!