Thursday, 25 June 2009


I used the Lexicon pages again, this time sewn into a square. I was inspired by Petra, a friend of a friend who stamped onto a serviette then glued it to the canvas. I usually stamp directly onto my work but this was easier although not necessarily straighter! The text is from a poem by A.W.E O'Shaughnessy, Ode (We are the Music Makers)

I'm getting through my dictionary!
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Tuesday, 23 June 2009


In the next QB5 challenge we're planning to do a small book with our own theme. I've chosen to do people with wings, something I quite like but am completely useless at! I've made the pages out of sewn paper pockets and in between I've used some more of Nathalie's waxed paper, the whole thing has an amazing feel and sound to it, I can only imagine what joy it will be when the decorated pages return from their world trip and are fixed together with a big chunky spring. I've started with a photo of myself in a woolly jumper, one of many but am not sure if this will be the cover or a page within, time will tell

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Monday, 22 June 2009

Wax lyrical

It's been a while since I've made one of these 'canvases' and I remember now how much I like to work on this kind of surface. The Lexicon is proving to be an absolute bargain!! it can be used for so many things. I glued a few pages together with gel medium, sewed around and through it and added a bit of colour with watercolour crayons and acrylic paint.

I broke with my tradition of dark brown ink and went for a lighter version which now that it's on I don't actually like, it was supposed to be the word 'satire' but as I tried sanding it back (to get rid of the colour) you can't actually read it now. Click on the pic to see the text which I found on an old bookmark, I collaged some faces and used the lunch wrap Nathalie sent me to create the illusion of glass
I love the way the Lexicon paper reacts to a bit of paint work
I waxed the whole piece, I had planned to punch holes in the bottom and add a few over-sized eyelets but I haven't the foggiest what I've done with them
, I just know when I buy another set they'll turn up!
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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hanging ATC

I managed to save one of my background cards and decided to simply stamp onto it (Crafty Individuals) it seemed easier that way! I also tried stamping onto cork, great fun. I had the card with the word and without, I'm still not sure, it's such a nice background but it kind of needed something else in the corner, anyway it's glued now so I'll go onto the next one!
And once again I've left the back alone, I rather like the way the paper is doing it's own thing
This card has a mixed heritage, I used the last precious piece of muslin from Kiwi Carole at the vintage lace is from Angelika in Germany and a little paper flower from the local french shop.
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As pages of my Lexicon have been spread near and far I think it's time to show you how to make a paper pocket. Take a page of a book or other paper cut approx to A5, fold the corners to the centre as if you're going to make a paper plane
Take the top right and fold to centre, there should be a small overlap running along the side (left)
Fold the top left under, forming a 'tail' at the bottom. You can decide yourself how big you want the pocket, it just depends where you make this fold.
Tuck the tail into the folded corner and there's your pocket. You can turn it around and tuck an ATC into the corner or as I ended up doing sew around the whole thing and get busy altering. If you want to add a bit of weight to it slip a small piece of card inside the folds and attach with gel medium.
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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

paper folding

Last night I went to a stamping course and one of the things I learnt was how to fold a pocket. I had one of those 'aha' moments when your mind goes into overdrive with possibilities. My original idea was to make some kind of carrier for an ATC but with a bit of stitching the whole thing has actually turned into an ATC itself! I can see this is going to be a superb way to use up the 2000 odd pages I have left of my old German Lexicon, who says I'm not organsied for Christmas!
I stitched around the pocket, added some lace and a photo backed on a piece of faded crepe paper
And look my friends, not a splosh of paint in sight, I can't promise I'll manage to restrain myself on the rest of them but I decided to simply leave this one alone!

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Monday, 15 June 2009


I recently took part in a postcard swap with my online group QB5. The theme was 'Childhood' and the only restriction was the size (6x4) I have a number of slightly odd childhood photos as my father was a keen photographer and as kids we were often asked to 'stand over there and try not to look daft' while he pfaffed about trying to create the perfect picture. Afterwards we would retreat to the darkroom and watch the magic of the photos unfold before our eyes.
It's quite fitting that my brother is looking through milk bottles as I still remember him arriving home from school everyday and devouring the entire contents in one long slurp.
I'm wearing my father's hat and of course a hand knitted cable jumper
Our house was always full of patterns, wool and sewing stuff
As my computer and I are having 'issues' I've dedicated a post to each of my swap friends. I feel so privileged to be part of such a generous and talented group of art buddies, thank you QB5!. Posted by Picasa


This is Patty's card, what a cutie!
The colours are divine and Patty has created great texture with lace and embellishments
And even an old hairclip, what an inspiration!!
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Carole giving us her best smile!! yep I know, the second one poking her tongue out!
Carole sewed a transfer to layers of fabric which gives the whole card a great feel. She made two fabric loops at the top for hanging and added a charm and flowers at the bottom.
I love the detail on this card, the curled ribbon frame and the tiny pink beads, just gorgeous!
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Nathalie dressed in her best.
Nathalie used an old postcard as a base to which she added an old envelope then collaged over it. I love the combination of textures on the card and especially cool are the different stamps and postmarks
Such amazing detail, tiny sequins with a beads in the centre
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Linda riding in from Texas!
Linda has sewn layers of paper together with the text of Black Beauty on the front, I'm desperately trying to resist the urge to prise it all open, I can see such cool stuff inside!! The card is finished with wax and the most gorgeous flower.
On the back is a private library pocket and card, Linda finds the coolest stuff!
And not forgetting the envelope to beat all envelopes, this is what it arrived in, swoon...
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Sunday, 14 June 2009


62 tickety boo, turn on the screw, ah.. Bingo nicknames are so much fun!
I went to a flea market this weekend and stumbled across a box of old Bingo cards and wooden numbers. I'm feeling rather delighted as I never find stuff like this! the cards are a wonderful blue and have certainly seen some play.
I love this picture, she looks so engrossed in her repair job

I have very few brads but oddly enough I do have some that look like screws, see, there is reason I buy this stuff afterall!

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