Sunday, 14 June 2009


62 tickety boo, turn on the screw, ah.. Bingo nicknames are so much fun!
I went to a flea market this weekend and stumbled across a box of old Bingo cards and wooden numbers. I'm feeling rather delighted as I never find stuff like this! the cards are a wonderful blue and have certainly seen some play.
I love this picture, she looks so engrossed in her repair job

I have very few brads but oddly enough I do have some that look like screws, see, there is reason I buy this stuff afterall!

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carole brungar said...

ha! I remember Hilda on Coronation Street used to always wear a scarf on her head in this fashion! Very cool bingo find!

Unknown said...

Great Bingo cards! Love thsoe screw headed brads. Haven't seen anything like them (but then, I don't get out much!)

~*~Patty S said...

oooo Love that got right busy on your new finds, great creation and your photos are always wonderful too M!

Jen xo said...

woohoo, what a find. love your creation!! jenxo

Mixed Media Martyr said...

This is really cool! Love the combination, and the Bingo call!!!