Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Woo hoo

I do believe I've actually made something! not a big thing but at least something. I still love making the little canvases!

I'd like to say these are from my fair hand, but alas no. Such a simple idea and great use of drinking straws, I saw them in a very expensive jewellery shop in Zurich on the weekend, hence the photos through the wire grill.
I really must find out the name of the shop sometime, I've photographed many of their window displays over the years, some of the best in the city!
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gunnelsvensson said...

This is very beautiful! I think I haven´t create anything new for a long time now, I need vacation I think:-)

Linda Jo said...

I still love you making the little canvases!!! Those straws are great. Is it Anthropologie Switzerland?

Unknown said...

Your canvas must be tiny indeed, judging by the size of the furniture tack. Precious! What DO you do with all of your little masterpieces? Linda and I think you NEED to start selling etsy.

The flowers are wonderful! Plans to make some?

~*~Patty S said...

amazing what you put onto your tiny canvases....I was just admiring the one I won from you, I walk by it and enjoy it, but yesterday I 'needed' to take it off the wall and hold it again....that certainly was a special way to meet you miss Margaret :)

Alisa Noble said...

Your little canvas is so lovely! I'm glad I found your blog!