Wednesday, 30 September 2009

In the meantime

I saw this idea for a hanging frame in a mag and thought I'd have a go. I haven't sewn anything for ages but it was a fun little project and a great gift idea. I used a piece of old plastic as the glass and a sqaure of card to keep it in place.

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Monday, 21 September 2009

Ready for action

I feel I'm poised on the cusp of creativity, that one day soon I'm going to spring into action and go wild again with my paint and paper. I seemed to have slowed down a little too much of late and am doing a lot of prepping as opposed to actually completing anything! I did however manage to make two of three blocks, the last and biggest one is still in the woodshop as the dear man decided to go on holiday the very day I requested help with a bit of sawing. He's also cutting a nice line of houses for me which I'll probably have to pay danger money for as he said the roof angle I'd requested was very dangerous for his fingers! eekk!
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Thursday, 10 September 2009

slowly does it

The QB5's are nearing the end of our RR book project. Linda, here's your clue, it's a bird you've probably never heard of and it ends in ing! This is the last of the books for me and what great fun it's been. I can't wait for the return of mine and showtime!
Apart from the RR I've really being doing very little, I'm remaining philosophical about this downturn in activity and am relying on my creativity showing itself sometime soon. In the meantime I have of course been shopping for yet another old load of tat. I picked up a fab collection of self study manuscripts from the 1800's
'a bad lobster in a dark cellar' the mind boggles...
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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Spell Check

Anyone for a slice of spong cake or perhaps that should be spoge?! if you're not too full you could always have a maffin to follow!! I found this fab piece of fabric complete with the most wonderful recipes which I've to used as the backing for Carole's RR page, just a sneak peek until it arrives in her mailbox...
And another couple of Divas for Nathalie, well, at least THEY think they are...
My pages are complete and will be winging their way tomorrow, next stop Texas!
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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Divas abroad

Nathalie's Divas have arrived in Switzerland as part of the RR we're currently working on. They've been getting acquainted with every shop and club in the city, so much so that I decided a trip to the mountains would do them good, however it seems to have done nothing more that cement their love of shopping!
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