Friday, 30 October 2009

It's all about the box

I bought a couple of wooden boxes last week in a shop I really shouldn't have been in to begin with, the potential to spend vast sums of money was simply overwhelming!! but I'll tell you about that another time... I covered one of the boxes (40 x 10) with some old book pages and a splash of acrylic. I lined up a row of wooden cotton reels and eventually found a stick to thread them on.
I originally thought I'd write on the reels and stick photos in the background but after covering them with Cavallini paper the whole piece seems to be heading in another yet to be decided direction! In the meantime I've hammered a few tacks around the edges and added a bit of wire

I punched out some paper 'washers' to thread in between, a variation on a Christmas Tree idea by Martha Deavers in Sommerset Life Dec 09.
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Old Bag's bag part 2

I made a birthday hat using faded crepe paper, lots of sewing, glitter and antique ink

And of course a birthday wouldn't be complete without cake! Happy Happy Birthday M!
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Old Bag's bag

My dear friend Muriel turned 40 today and to help her celebrate I created an Old Lady's party bag. The idea was in the latest copy of Sommerset Holidays and Celebrations by an artist called Lisa Bebi I rather liked the way Lisa used Lady's instead of Ladies and decided to keep it that way!
A straw with an old pic of Muriel, black and white of course
A card featuring a very cross looking self, my bro and my cousins, remember the days when your mum made the party hats out of old Weetbix boxes and crepe paper...
A party whistle where I finally got to use one of my Bingo numbers!
Check out Post 2 for the crowning glory!
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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I love post!

Yesterday I recieved a little surprise from super talented Katie at my very own gorgeous Fall Art Doll!! her name is Masqueradee and Katie made her last year.
She's just hanging out in the living room showing off her amazing detail front and back
And will you just look at these trousers?!!! love them sooo much!
Two of Katie's very own Vintage Circus sheets, I can't wait to use these! Thank you so much for your generosity Katie, you made my day!
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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Bloc Buster




my blocs are done!
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Thursday, 15 October 2009

An open book

I decided to make an ATC to complete my book, what a joy it's been to be part of this RR.
Nathalie's little button backed card
I used a piece of waxed lunch paper between each page, it protects the pages and adds a great feel to my little book
The front and back cover are made from the letter that circulated with this project. My book has pride of place and is one that will be opened time and time again. Thank you my blogging buddies, what a pleasure to be in such fine company!
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Queen Bee Linda

A gorgeous angel to sing to me from Linda I love this image so much with her beautiful copper coloured wings

Linda made me a winged heart on her second pages, the centre is padded and the wings are made from two little leaves.

And finally, an embossed angel surrounded by butterflies

I'll post my completed book tomorrow!
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Queen Bee Patty

A beautiful crowned swan sailed the high seas from Patty The sea has tiny jewels attached and the crown is the first rubber stamp Patty carved herself.
On the second page is a beautiful tag inspired by Gail Russakov
Wonderful quote from Sadako Sasaki
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Queen Bee Carole

Carole's pages wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of a yummy cake, one of the features of her wonderful Blog
A winged wonder flying it's way to my stomach!

Carole stamped directly onto a piece of fabric for her second page. I have a miniature version of this image and it's a particular favourite of mine!

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Queen Bee Nathalie

My QB5 Round Robin pages have arrived home: I choose 'winged things' as my theme and what fun the gals have had. Nathalie started with a winged all boy speeding by on his fabulous mean machine
Wing back chair indeed!
Gorgeous tag back

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Monday, 12 October 2009


What a wonderful Halloween surprise from Linda how gorgeous is this ATC?! I wish I could lay claim to making something this fab but alas no! that's what I've got cool blogging buddies for! thank you so much for this little gem Linda, you made my day!

All hidden a way in an envelope bag, inspired!

Pictures of QB5 Round Robin will be posted shortly!!
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