Friday, 2 October 2009

About the house

I still don't have my blocks from the carpenter, I think he's probably too scared to start cutting the teeny tiny pieces! I raided the toy box in the meantime found a few old playing blocks to keep me going. The first one is rather dull and dark and I might just end up covering it all up.
I went to a craft event in Zurich yesterday and made this necklace out of a sheet of scrapbook paper. My daughter told me I could have saved my money and made it at home (some things I say obviously do sink in!) but it was rather nice to sit there with a group of other women and dust off my macrame skills. These beads could of course be made out of all sorts of papers and coated with anything from wax to embossing powder.

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Unknown said...

I love it Margaret...making paper beads is some good therapy too!

Linda Jo said...

I need to make some paper beads...I agree it is great therapy... very relaxing. I never did macrame tho. Lovin the blocks.

Unknown said...

Don't let Patty hear you say "wax"! hee hee.

These are lovely. I agree, there is something to crafting with others. Worth the cost of admission!

Unknown said...

I ddin't comment on your blocks!

I rather like your "dull" and "dark" one. I also like how you've sanded the edges and distressed the blocks. They look like they've been played with for years! I want so badly to make some of these, but have too many other things on my "to do" list right now. Keep posting your results. I enjoy seeing them.

Jen xo said...

oh macrame, does that bring some memories!!!
i love making paper beads too, i love your colors....jenxo

~*~Patty S said...

Well, it IS always fun to get out and play with others!
I still have the macrame lampshade I made many moons ago
Love your paper beads1
I'm waiting to see the tin creation!
Did you say WAX teehee!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You are talented in so many areas. I love visiting your blog and getting inspiration. I totally get it ~ the experience was worth it all! Thanks for the therapy tip!

Caterina Giglio said...

oh no! save the dark one! I think it is wonderful!