Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bird craft

I made a bird candle holder with my daughter at the craft fair on Saturday. We used a foil grill plate which we cut in half then trimmed to a tail feather shape. We folded and hammered the end flat then attached it to the can with a couple of eyelets. Mine went a tad wrong when I tried to attach the tail with the wrong side of the Crop-o-dile, I din't like to admit I actually own one of those things and should have known better!
We then used hot glue to attach the head, the pins in the top were painted silver. I can imagine these making a great seasonal table decoration, just add a few sparkles or snow flakes to the side!
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Jen xo said...

cute!! good one to do with kids...jenxo

Linda Jo said...

THIS is adorable!!!!!!! You did good.

~*~Patty S said...

Oh a picture is worth ... alot :)
The pins in the head are super and that tail = ooh la laa
shhh we'll never tell on you about your tool impairedness (sp?) (I broke mine the other day sniff...sniff)

Unknown said...

I am SO glad you posted a photo. I couldn't envision a tail made from a "grill" . The grills I know are on cars and barbeques. :)

This is wonderful! The pins are very clever.

BadPenny said...

Fabulous !

Alisa Noble said...

Oh! So cute!