Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dress Up update

My February dress is still in progress and along the way I've had a little think about the project in general. I orginally proposed to post my dress and the Linky at the end of each month but with themes such as Valentines it seems a shame to do it after the event!

Therefore, I'll post my February dress and Linky by the middle of next week but from March onwards the link will be posted on the 1st of every month (for the upcoming month) until the end of the year. The links never close and you can add your dress of the month at anytime. My apologies for any confusion but sometimes you have to do it to know it! Posted by Picasa


Linda Jo said...

I totally followed this and I am in awe of your leadership skills. And congrats to Switzerland in the Olympics...which I watch constantly.

~*~Patty S said...

Sounds like a great plan.
Everyone is so excited about your Dress Up I don't think they can wait until the end of each month anyway :)

Sherry said...

I'd love to play along too Margaret - if possible. I sent you an email last night for a few more details - hope you've received it.

Unknown said...

Margaret, you are the Queen of the Wardrobe. Truly.

Karmeleiro said...

wow, it seems to be a great project! I am thinking about my February dress and I still can't "see" it :(

Unknown said...

I am having a hard time choosing between valentines and a muumuu......yours is going to be awesome, I can tell...melinda

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm so excited, have had mine made for what seems like weeks, and can't wait. It seems like all the players got great responses, including myself.

It isn't always easy to get a project right the first time out, especially one that has blossomed like this one has. I'm sure you never dreamed this would take off the way it has.

I applaud you for your hosting skills. Now that the kinks are out, you can spend your time designing dresses rather than taking care of us, your loyal players.

BadPenny said...

Horray ! I've been hoping you would mention the dresses as I made Miss February straight after Miss January ! Have revamped the wardrobe too.

Margaret my computer is all over the place would you be very very kind and email me the printing to fabric tutorial again please ? thx

Looking forward to seeing all the new dresses xx

Gini said...

Hi Margaret!
I would love to join in this Dress Up challenge.
I couldn't find any dress templates anywhere in blogland so I have drawn up a couple of different dress templates that print out at 5.5 inches high. If anyone wants to use them they are welcome to.
They are in this post here

Thank you.

Salvage Thread said...

Really really really like your work, you have kept me entertained for most of the day, please keep it up...Sx