Tuesday, 22 June 2010

In my garden

I was inspired to make a piece of 'Mail Art' by a project from Viv at Hens Teeth in an old issue of CPS ( Jan/Feb 2009). I didn't open my envelope out as there wasn't a lot happening on the back and just covered the address with paint and tissue. I always feel slightly nervous about other people's names and addresses and the potential for living relatives to come a knocking!

I punched out some butterflies and after watching a You Tube 'How To' I managed to stitch a few French Knotty flowers. I also added a piece of ripped muslin and an old button to the corner.

I drew around the woman pictured in the journal photocard from my previous post, her dress is such a great shape. I reduced it to teeny tiny and stitched around the line using an old paper bag as backing. Unfortunately she looks like a no-neck woman but I promise with practice I will improve!
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Friday, 18 June 2010

Jump for journal joy!

Not really being a journal keeper myself you might wonder why I'm in Carole's fab online journal workshop, well if not a keeper then why not a maker and a gift giver instead?! This week Carole's had us prepping our pages in readiness for embellishment. I've been splashing and sploshing with a mixture of inks, salt and coffee. I'm really pleased with the results and have learnt some great new techniques along the way.

I found an old book titled 'On Heros' to use as my journal cover. I only have the front part and I'm hoping Carole will help me cobble it together somehow!

I've also decided this is not going to be a journal to write in but rather a themed book filled with all that is love and marriage, inspired by the couple in the photo!! I plan to use the original card (you're not reading this, right Carole??!) I can't not, it's just too good! which probably doesn't make sense but there are some things a gal's just gotta do.

Posted by PicasaHe will be her hero! well he will be by the time I've finished with him!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Mrs Beaton

I felt the urge to do something a little bit blue and this is the result! Originally she was born to succeed but I couldn't fit it all in so she just had to settle for being good!
I found two of these little spoons when I was home, I probably shouldn't tell my mother I've wired one to an old cigar box as they were no doubt given to me for a special reason!
I just love these old photo cards, you can find them at the markets here, it's just a shame they're not dated. This one is a little more speckled than intended as I managed to drop stamp cleaning fluid on it! a happy mistake I think. Her little crown (she has big dreams...) is from my matchbox swap with Jan
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Thursday, 10 June 2010

About the book

I've long been a big fan of Poppy Treffry and have had one of her wonderful bags hanging on the back of my craft chair for many years! so you can imagine my delight when I recently caught sight of her book Free & Easy stitch and style (make sure you click on 'look inside')
She gives instructions and patterns for everything from the houses and cupcakes, to boats, birds and flowers. The layout and presentation of this book is totally yummy and inspiring, hence my desire to master this skill!
And yes dear Carole, I bought the book from Minerva in Wellington!! a totally awesome shop packed with art books the likes of which I've only ever seen online, what a delight to actually flick through them! I battled to keep at least the bus fare home in my purse and came away with a tidy little stash! still happy?? yes indeedy...
There seems to be a bit of a machine stitching revival at the moment and there was a lovely little tutorial on Rebecca Sowers's blog recently, a really fun project!Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Coffee and cake

I dabbled my toes once again into the colourful waters of machine stitching and once again I packed everything away feeling rather disheartened. The thing is, it's all so fiddly diddly and it just takes me so long to even get my machine to sew properly (don't get me started on that one...) Anyway, I made myself a neighbourhood coffee house

because by the end of it all I felt this is where I needed to be...

eating cake...

and reading about what I was supposed to be doing...

Free & Easy stitch style by Poppy Treffry. Top read, just one of those books you have to have, even if you can't actually do any of it!Posted by Picasa

Monday, 7 June 2010

Mini Dress Up ATC

If you're looking for another lovely challenge then pop over to Chriss and check out her monthly ATC swap. I've joined in the fun in June with these pocket Dress Up ATC's on offer.
The details of the swap are on Chriss's blog and the pocket tutorial is here. I hope you have as much fun with these as I did!
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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Dress Up - June

Welcome to Dress Up in June!
It's hard to believe yet another month has gone by and we're nearly half way through our project. My still unfinished wardrobe is filling up quickly and DH's comment in January 'you'll never fit 12 of those in there' is starting to ring true!

After my recent travels I felt I had to go with a New Zealand theme this month. I took the inspiration for my dress from an ATC sent to me by my dear blogging buddy Nathalie. The backing paper is a woven basket print to which I've sewn a piece of plastic wrapping, making a bag to fill

Into my woven bag I've placed a Tiki a symbol of luck and fertility in Maori legend. I've also attached some little pieces of Paua and some frayed twine. I decorated the top with New Zealand Fern and added three old postage stamps.

I created a belt with two poi using beads wrapped in crepe paper and tied with string

To celebrate the half way point in 'Dress Up ' and your continued enthusiasm for the project I've decided to offer my June dress as a Giveaway! (I'll make myself another one!) Everyone who makes a dress and adds a June link will automatically go into the draw at the end of the month. A super big thank you to each and everyone of you!