Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Swiss Miss

If you happen to look at your sidebar and see Dress Up September then just pretend it's not there! until tomorrow that is, when it'll appear with Mr Linky at midday! You'd think after nine months of scheduling posts I'd get it right well, erm... weary sigh... In the meantime I'll show you the Swiss Miss ATC's I was inspired to make after my recent Giveaway.
I cut the gals out of gift paper which my DH later told me his mother used to cover his school books with! You can't imagine how much trouble I'd be in if I covered my sons books with anything less than Autobots or some other bionic wonder, my how times change!
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Monday, 30 August 2010

ATC swap

Dana from Sinderella Studio and I recently did an ATC swap,I love this 'Remembrance' card with it's tiny images

Dana kindly sent me two ATC's for my Asian journal from artist Carey Sniche who has her cards to trade here, they are so gorgeous and I'm not sure I'm ready to hide them away in my book just yet!

We also decided on a summertime card to swap, I love Dana's 'pink lemonade'! it totally captures all the fun in the sun!

Dana also added some of her own art greeting cards, her 'Lady in Red' is my absolute fave and she's already up on my wall!

I sent Dana a Swiss 'celebrate' ATC

a summertime beach belle

and the last one of my folded mini Dress Up ATC's, I don't actually have a picture of it, I really must stop forgetting to photograph my work! but it was a little blue spotty one!

Thank you for a great swap Dana!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Remember this?

A while ago I made a few of these Rebecca Sower inspired book back canvases, I really enjoy this kind of work, loads of texture and interest on every square

after finding some covers I couldn't resist making a few more! I love the rich brown of this edition and was inspired to do a turquoise hanger. This particular one is truly international, with so many elements and ideas from far and wide!

the second cover has a hint of Autumn with pumpkin orange!

I also tried sewing and ruffling some bleached crepe paper, so very fragile but I really like the result, well worth the hassle!

Today I was privileged to meet Frau Buob of Rose du Village in Thalwil and she has agreed to offer some of my work for sale in her beautiful shop!! I'm absolutely over the moon at this wonderful opportunity to show my art locally!

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Raving about rust

In preparation for our next QB5 swap I received some rusty suspender clips from Nathalie. (we have plans, just wait...) She has a wonderful selection of these in her ETSY shop

I can't say I've really come across these clips here other than a few pristine ones I was given a while ago.

I decided to try rusting the ones I have.

I read somewhere they can be sanded, dunked in vinegar, then put in contact with an already rusty item and set out in the air to 'cook'

And it worked!! literally within hours!

I like the shape of the ones from Nathalie better but as far as the rusting process goes, I'm thrilled!

now I just need to make something to hang on them!

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Bloggy blunder and Giveaway!

my brain is addled, the noise agh... the dust agh... the holidays agh... anyway, there's a Giveaway on the post below to celebrate being blog happy! make sure you leave a comment! I tried to trick my compi with the date but it got the last laugh...
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Thursday, 12 August 2010

An ATC and some Inchies

As part of my swap with Jen I made an ATC using a paper serviette glued to some backing paper and card. I added a line of acrylic to the edges, a couple of stickers and a little piece of ripped silk.

I also had a go at making an inchie book for both of us, I so loved the one Julia sent me I just couldn't resist trying it out myself. I added scraps and beads to the card squares.

as an after thought I altered a matchbox to keep my set in!

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Thank you Jen!

I recently recieved this fab packli from Jen in Australia, full of goodies just right for the completion of my Asian journal! Totally gorgeous fabrics and papers (and no I'm not going to use the originals, really not!) soooo special!!

beautiful scraps, beads and a tiny coin

an ATC made by Jen, my favourite colours and such a wonderful combination of textures, I love the little piece of stitched fabric

velvety flowers, lace and a cut-out mannequin

Posted by PicasaThank you so much for all of these goodies Jen, you made my day!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Dress Up - August

Welcome to Dress Up in August!

...and then there were eight! haven't we come a long way?! only four more and our wardrobes will be complete.

This month's dress happened rather easily as August 1st is the Swiss National Day.

I used an Edelweiss paper serviette, this flower is the unofficial national flower of Switzerland and can be found growing in The Alps. I added a little piece of paper doily around the neckline and some braid to the bodice.

I decorated some of the Edelweiss with beads and used a folded mini version of a Zürich newspaper as the skirt.

Posted by PicasaI'd like to say a special welcome to a few late entries who are doing a fab job of catching up! Dress Up just keeps on growing! Once again a super big thank you to all of you playing along, what an amazing piece of art we'll all have in December, a real treasure!