Monday, 30 August 2010

ATC swap

Dana from Sinderella Studio and I recently did an ATC swap,I love this 'Remembrance' card with it's tiny images

Dana kindly sent me two ATC's for my Asian journal from artist Carey Sniche who has her cards to trade here, they are so gorgeous and I'm not sure I'm ready to hide them away in my book just yet!

We also decided on a summertime card to swap, I love Dana's 'pink lemonade'! it totally captures all the fun in the sun!

Dana also added some of her own art greeting cards, her 'Lady in Red' is my absolute fave and she's already up on my wall!

I sent Dana a Swiss 'celebrate' ATC

a summertime beach belle

and the last one of my folded mini Dress Up ATC's, I don't actually have a picture of it, I really must stop forgetting to photograph my work! but it was a little blue spotty one!

Thank you for a great swap Dana!


~*~Patty S said...

ooo that IS a delightful swap each of you so lucky to receive the others creations! Fun Fun Fun :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What lovely goodies in this swap from around the world. I like both yours and Dana's. So creative.

I want to thank you for the ATC holder design/tutorial. I recently visited the post and learned how to make it. Thought I left a message, but apparently I didn't. Still, a big thanks is in order.

Juli@Korotaeva said...

Wow! What a wonderful swap you've made! All the ATCs are really something!

Unknown said...

all of the cards are wonderful...I love seeing everyones different ideas and the way they use them.........

Shane Pollard said...

Wonderful swap! Carey's asian cards are superb - I agree with you Margaret I would want to have them "out on view" as well. The kimono is beautiful.
HOWEVER... my faves are yhour little dresses!
From the time I first saw these on Patty's blog I fell in love with them. In my head I'm making some along with you, but a few classes keep me busy and I'm a bit slow!!
I will give it a go and maybe email one to you!
Take care.
PS I see it's 1:20am in Zurich and it's 11:am Tuesday in New Zealand!

Sinderella's Studio said...

Margaret - thanks for all the kudos - Carey does awesome work! I love everything you sent and need to become better at my photos so my pics look as good as yours! I now have to visit your tutorial on the ATC holders - don't know how I missed seeing that!
Cheers and thanks for the great swap!

BadPenny said...

these are wonderful !

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Whoo what a fabby swap!
Lots of lovelies!!

Jan x

Jen xo said...

oh lovely swap, you are both very lucky!!! loving the atcs....