Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Big Reveal!

Finally, a bright sunny day to capture this latest piece of magic to arrive home after it's round the world trip visiting all my fab QB5 buddies! There seemed little point in photographing my feeble stitching attempt before my sampler left these fair shores in June! I thought I'd just be patient and wait for gals to come up trumps and they didn't disappoint!! what a beauty!
the first stop was Carole in New Zealand, she added a doily with little blue buttons
and a gorgeous flower centre!
next my stitchery crossed the world to begin it's American adventure! Patty added a beautiful TAP gal! I'm still amazed at the quality of this transfer technique, it really has all the detail of a real photo
and a beautiful (very old) button!
Nathalie decided it was time to play! and play she did!

a totally inspired use of an old T-shirt, a brilliant image! If all our mountains were this sparkly then I just know I'd learn to ski properly! really I would...

last stop Linda and her timepieces! I love these!

time to play, to dream, to create....

Thank you so much my dear friends for your stitching spirit, it's rather contagious and I will finish the corner you so kindly left me! it's a promise!

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Just thought I'd pop by and blow the dust off my Blog!! dearie me, talk about a go slow!! but I do have an excuse, well sort of, the kids are on holiday AGAIN! I'm sure I never had so much time off when I was their age (sooo sound like my mother...) Anyway, I recently did the most wonderful swap with Penny from The Linen Shelf. A whole 'tube' of fabbli paper goodies found it's way over here! A supplement from La Mode Du Petit Journal dated 1898! the copyshop guy is going to faint when he sees this!

A very stylish ATC from Penny, I'm totally inspired to make one of my own!

A selection of papers just perfect for my Dress Up wardrobe

and duck tape!!

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Friday, 1 October 2010

Dress Up - October

Welcome to Dress Up in October!
I know quite a few of you have been hanging out for the start of this month!! Autumn and her rich tones just seems to naturally inspire and make those ideas flow.

I found this lovely quote which sent me in the direction of pumpkins and all the possibilities!

I craved my pumpkin and glittered it, then added a touch of acrylic and beeswax

I've made big note to self, finish the cupboard!! how's yours coming along?? I said November right?!

I have also come to a decision this month and sadly that is not to continue hosting Dress Up next year. I've had an amazing year running this wonderful project, but owing to new commitments my time will be somewhat shorter. My files are brimming with bloggers who I rarely get to visit and I rather fancy myself as a bit of a lurker! I will of course continue to do my own work, take part in challenges, swaps and other bloggy business. As I don't hold any official Dress Up crown any one of you lovelies is more than welcome to run with this idea, feel free! Thank you again for all your enthusiasm and artistic spirit, you gals have really made this year for me. Mx