Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Dress Up - December

Welcome to Dress Up in December

I had quite a few ideas this month but finally settled on a symbolic 'present' dress for all of you! This one is dedicated to your continued enthusiasm and general fabulousness throughout the year! It's because of you that the Dress Up project has been so much fun and such a runway success!

the first and last, January and December
and the months in between, do I have a favourite?? not really, I love them all!
all complete and hanging in my wardrobe, a visual reminder of the events of 2010, of the things that inspired me and fueled my creativity

I made myself complete the backs and attach the hangers as I had a feeling if I didn't do it now it would never get done!

I dated each one and added a few comments here and there

I glued a little tailors dummy from dear Jen to one side of my box

and with a little hanger from Gini I've attached the Degas dress from Penny to the lid, a bit of a combined effort going on here! and now my project is complete!

Thank you once again for your participation in Dress Up over the past year. Whether it's been as a budding dress designer or an armchair admirer I've appreciated each and every one of your comments. To those bloggers interested in running the project, please let me know when you're ready to go and I'll post a link. I'll no doubt be back with another project at some stage, once you start it's difficult to stop!! but in the meantime I plan to just hang out and visit the many wonderful blogs I've discovered in the past few months. All the best to you and yours this festive season! Mx


cve said...

oh, Margaret!!! Thank you for this fantastic projeсt!
You december dress is amazing!

Marfi-topia said...

It's beautiful...All your dresses are so wonderfully detailed and thought out.
thank you for inspiring all of us!
I had so much fun doing this.
Have a lovely holiday season:)

BadPenny said...

Well, it's thank you to YOU dear Margaret for giving us such pleasure. It's been such fun taking part - it really has.

I'm honoured to add to your wardrobe.

I've loved visiting all the blogs to see the wonderful dresses created.

WEll done and thank you for giving us a fabulous creative year xx

Unknown said...

Your dresses look WONDERFUL together! Hmmm, what will you cook up next?

Linda Jo said...

I can't believe it's over! I loved it and I didn't even play! What a glorious event...and I love how you finished each dress on the back...and, of course, your hangers! You could sell those, girl. (the hangers)

Halle said...

I totally love your December dress! Thank you so much for this project. It has been fun all the way through.

Electra said...

This was so special, thank you Margaret for all the work you've done! I can't think of anything I've done for a whole entire year that has made me look forward to each new month as much as this has.
enjoy your break!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thank you, thank you for allowing me to join you in this awesome project. I was blown away by all these lovely dresses you created. Your December dress is stunning. You deserve the present from Santa. And I liked how you created all those backs to finish out the year.

This project has been so much fun, brought friends from around the world to my doorstep, and taught me to join collaborations. What a great year, what a great hostess, and what a great project,and it's all because of you and that first dress you created so many months ago. I'm almost sorry to see it end.

~*~Patty S said...

Oh lookie look
you've wrapped your Dress Up project with a beautiful bow and another special creation

wonderful collaboration of creative really got everyone inspired and going

Many thanks to you dear Margaret for all of your energy and time and for making it a very special Dress Up 2010

voodoo vixen said...

I only discovered the dresses via Elizabeth's blog and I love them all... what a fantastic project and I will be looking out to see if you do this again!!

Sinderella's Studio said...

Awesome challenge! I wish I had started early and that I wasn't a procrastinator so I could have followed through! Loved everyone that participated!

Lynette (NZ) said...

Really inspiring - great to see them all together. Can't wait to see what 2011 inspires :-)

Riki Schumacher said...

Well I've sure enjoyed the dress up series! So darn cute and creative. Thanks for your inspiration and creativity. Take care, Riki

carole brungar said...

what a lovely collection!

Karen said...

Awe Margaret, thatnk you for dedicating your last dress to us my lovely! But its we who should be thanking you for such a fabulous challenge, I have loved every minute of it XXXX

Unknown said...

wow so fabulous i am blown away bt such talented people. keep up the good work pat

Petunia said...

Your December dress is wonderful as are all your pretty dresses. Thank you so much for the fun and inspiration. I had the best time!


Jill said...

Congratulations on a wonderful year's accomplishment! Your wardrobe is not only beautiful but intriguing. Very neat.

ale said...

hola margaret!!!!!!how lovely collection!!!!they all are adorable!!!!!!! this year l enjoy a lot with your blog ...and also with your friends blogs!!sharing art,heart and inspiration..makes more happy my life!!muchos besos and happy december!!!!!!!!

Alisa Noble said...

December's is darling and the entire project is just awesome, Margaret!

romantic said...

Margaret thank you so mush for this project,it was very interesting.

minnie_mac said...

What a lovely project you've completed. I'm only sorry that I found your blog so late in the year that I didn't join in. I do hope that some one will continue with this idea.

In the meantime very best wishes for the holiday season.


Gayle Price said...

All your dresses are BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much for inspiring me, and for hosting this fabulous event. I have still only made 8 dresses, ( but the year is not quite over) , but what FUN I have had making them along the way, AND meeting the NICEST people, A happy and safe Christmas to you Margaret. Cheers.xx

Angela said...

All your dresses are awesome. They and you are so inspirational to me. Thanks so much for hosting this project; I have had such a wonderful time being a "fashion designer!"
Please, please, let me know if and when you get another host for this challenge! I so want to continue it.
Have a super holiday and a joyous New Year!

PS If for some crazy reason no one volunteers to host, I will do it..just let me know.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

How I've enjoyed seeing all the pretty dresses over this year! You are a master designer whether designing a dress or this wonderful idea. I cannot wait until your next project so please keep me posted. I don't know which dress is my favorite, but your December dress is a dream! Many heartfelt blessings and wishes! ~ Katie

~*~Patty S said...

finally got my dress out of my head...I really must focus on the holidays
fa la la

Thanks again Margaret to you and all those that have made each month so much fun dressing up :)

Cynthia Schelzig said...

your dress project has been fabulous and they look wonderful on display like this.

Patricia's Paper Crafts said...

I really enjoyed each month following the blogs of the artist dresses and thank you for being a lovely host.

Electra said...

FINALLY mine is done. Thank you Margaret for your creativity, your initiative and your joy. This has been a real treat!

Sandy Ang said...

Thank you for your last 'present' drees. Can't say how much I enjoyed Dress Up these 3 months. Really appreciate you having this space where inspiration is provided and creativity is shared.

Working on my Dec tent dress and will link it up soon.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

OMG how did I miss this post Margaret?!!
Your december dress is awesome!
I've had a lot of fun with this project throughout the year!
Your dress collection is stunning!
Thankyou for so much divine inspiration!!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful festive time too!

Jan x

Jann said...

I love all of your dresses! I have been following your progress each month, but, sadly, haven't had the time to create any of my own. What a fun project this was to see, though! I hope you had a nice Christmas!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Hi Margaret,

I've finally got my December dress posted on my Blog!!
Thanks again for a fantastic Challenge!
been fun!

Jan x

Unknown said...

Your dress is so gorgeous !!!
Thank you so much for this project.

Sherry said...

Your December dress is perfect Margaret, as have been all your others. I've really enjoyed taking part and got so much inspiration from your blog. Many thanks for all you've done.

I've just added my last dress - better late than never!

Happy New Year to you x

Guriana said...

it's time to say good buy...
thank you very much once again for this wonderfull project and fantastic joy:))
your dress like always is splendid!!
best for New Year:)

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh your dresses and wardrobe are fabulous! I still have to finish mine! I promise I will, I might just go work on that right now... Marva

Lila Castro said...

Hi Margaret,
All your dresses are so wonderfully,thank you so much for the inspiration.
hugs from Brazil