Monday, 18 April 2011

Gorgeous guy

Another of the bingo boyz has found his way home, this time from Linda in Texas!
he dressed for the occasion, I'm surprised he got through Customs with that head gear!
a button wire
totally inspired bingo windows, love these soooo much!
Thank you for this fab mini masterpiece Linda!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The boyz are back in town

The QB5 gals have been busy with our latest 'do you see what I see?' challenge. We sent each other a foundation piece and some bits and bobs that could be used or added to in our own style. I sent the pile below, with a bingo card as my base
and look who's come home! Nathalie and Patty's guys met along the way
Nathalie's Handsom Dan is wearing a Corder postmark crown and has managed to convince a couple of diamond gals to make the trip to Switzy with him!
will you just look at that spinning tie pin, this guy's a total catch!
the gals are looking their very best, but who's who??
the flip side, Corder rulz! love these postmarks! Thank you Nathalie!
Patty's guy is also wearing a crown!
fab rusty nail hanger courtesy of Patty's wonderful Mr M
what a star! he's sure to attract the gals with that bit of bling!
and the back of Patty's card, dressed to impress! Thank you Patty!

Friday, 1 April 2011

It's a guy thing

MIL went shopping and came back with a pile of 'guy' cabinet cards, she had no idea of the treasure pile in her hands as I tried and failed to stop myself squealing with delight!!
guys and more guys...
Reg here had big ideas
(the altered matchbox came from the aptly named 'Goodman' restaurant in town!)
of course he did...