Monday, 23 May 2011


One of the many lovely things Patty bought me was this stunning book called True Colors, A Palette of Collaborative Art Journals. Wow, what an amazing feast for the eyes!! The artists chose their own colours and the journals were circulated and worked on by all of the 14 participants. Feeling totally inspired, I've decided to make my own mini art journal, following the colours as they appear in the index, not all of them are combinations I would choose myself but what a great challenge!
White was up first
lots of texture on this one
Red 1, 2 and 3

woooo, hold on to your hat!!! Hot Pink and Orange came next, now you've probably figured this out yourself but this isn't a combo you'll see a lot of in my work, I felt quite jumpy by the end of it!!
a little tribute to Teesha Moore, the originator of this journal colour combo!
Sunset is next...

Monday, 16 May 2011

walk this way

well, the holidays already seem like a distant memory and my creativity pretty much stopped with the wall painting, nevertheless it's done! But by far the most exciting thing to happen was the arrival of these lovelies in my part of the world, none other than my blogging buddy Patty and her Mr Magpie, I'm under strict instructions NOT to show the pics I took, they're a little camera shy...
we walked and walked and walked and I saw the city of Zürich with fresh eyes, how those two never fell over I just don't know, they were always looking every which way but forward! I saw beauty in things I take for granted and Mr Magpie lived up to his name by demonstrating his ability to spot treasures at fifty paces! We didn't have time to make any art (too busy walking and sampling cheesy delights...) but their wonderful visit inspired my journal page. Under all that paint are tickets, labels, receipts and my found stuff.
Swan lover Patty spotted them everywhere, who would have thought Zürich had so many?! More swans than any of us knew, in the lake, on buildings, swan shaped water fountains, statues, signs and more! I think she found every one and it was only the fact that she had to clear Customs that stopped her taking them all home with her!
Where would Patty be without her tea?! Watch out for her Tea Tuesday posts as the cup (safely covered with bubble wrap!) has seen some miles and sampled the very best of Switzerland!
What a pleasure to meet you both, yay!to Blogland and the lovely friendships it brings!